Welcome to Golden Dove Realty​ ....Meet Belle Gonzales... 

Your friendly Broker in the neighborhood. With over a Billion Sales a year.

Belle had developed a reputation as one of the  Top Real Estate Broker in Southern California.  Awarded as Top Agent for one of the prestigious 

Real Estate Brokerage for how many years, Belle finally built her own Brokerage... The Golden Dove Realty.  Belle believes that when one list a House for Sale, this property becomes a Product.  

And so just like other products for sale,  the house must be seen and very visible in order for it to sell.  Therefore, the house should be merchandised  so that it stands out on the shelf  among the others for sale The way you live in your home and the way you sell and market your house are two very different things.

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And so that is what Golden Dove Realty does to your home..we bring out the best and the potential of each property, that way we can get you TOP DOLLAR!
The magical touch and expertise of Belle brings out, personalizes & changes the language of a Home. 
It tells a Buyer “This is what your life will be like
It is an art of design which creates & persuades moods. 
Belle make sure, your home shall illustrate that it’s clean, warm, spacious, bright, cozy & loving. 
With the right professional  touch on your team,
Buyers begin to mentally move in. 
They are immediately stimulated with a sense of fulfillment,
excitement and well being.

Who else does it better...

Than your  expert in"Beauty" and  "Style"... ​


Your Golden Solution In Real Estate